Contemporary Design Made Easy

Get the scoop on how to create a contemporary look in your home. Contemporary decor is one of those design terms that is easily misunderstood because of its ever-evolving nature. Although it takes cues from modern decor, the look is more fluid in that it allows for pops of color, softer lines, and accessories. Check out these four tips:

Claire Paquin Clean Design

Claire Paquin of Clean Design told us that her clients wanted this living room to be sophisticated but youthful, and she tackled that challenge by incorporating a lot of color in the less-permanent pieces. “We almost always keep our upholstery pieces very neutral because it allows you flexibility down the road if you want to change your color scheme,” she said. We love how Claire mixed textures and patterns in the neutral furniture, like the creamy faux bois bench and cut velvet geometric slipper chairs. They’re both versatile and beautiful.

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Coffered Ceiling & Textured Walls


What a statement a coffered ceiling makes in a beige room! To give dimension to a room full of natural hues, use textures like silk and quartz wallpaper. Mix this with luxurious textured fabrics including mohair and velvet for upholstered pieces and dupioni silk for drapery.

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Wallpaper An Accent Wall

Contemporary Interior Decor Accent Wall Abstract Wallpaper

Although contemporary decor tends to favor solid patterns, a bold accent wall is not uncommon, especially to modernize antique architectural features. Stick with abstract wallpaper designs and neutral furniture for a look that’s versatile & unique. Neisha Crosland, a distinguished English designer represented by Clarence House, has ideal contemporary wallpapers, like Cactus Paisley in Black & Cream, to subtly liven up any wall.

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Black & White Décor


The combination of ebony & ivory is a warmer, more contemporary take on the Mod black & white trend. Walls adorned with Ralph Lauren’s Acacia Grass – Ebony wallpaper set a sophisticated backdrop for pinch-pleated linen drapery and milky chenille sofas with clean, yet slightly rounded lines. Here, geometric pillows in patterns like Kravet’s 129520-81 add visual interest, while a circular black wood-framed mirror balances the room’s angular decor elements.

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