World Class Designers Share Exclusive Tips For Summer Living!

Second homes and get aways are so important to reenergize us from our hectic lives! Whether you crave the beach and The Hamptons scene, the quaint New England charm of Nantucket, the pure cool air in the mountains or relaxing in your back yard, décor contributes greatly to rejuvenation.

Anthony Baratta


My new pool! Well not quite… But we can all get “The Look!” Congrats to Anthony Baratta for designing one of the most original pool settings!

Anthony’s TIP: “Well I approach swimming pools like any other room in the home; with an adventurous and fearless touch. I have never been known for understated anything, and designing this pool area was a fabulous opportunity to work with one of my favorite patterns; a bold blue and white stripe. I kept the trim crisp white, and layered in colorful regatta pillows and accents to punch things up. This room is happy, sporty and nautical-chic. Mariner light chandeliers finish this off in a seafaring fashion.”


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John Barman


Fields of sunflowers inspired John Barman’s vivacious living room for clients who use their Hamptons home year round. “The super white walls and bright colors work well with the clear light outside to make a happy inviting space.”

John’s TIP: “For summer, the white slip covered sofas and upholstery in indoor/outdoor fabric make for easy maintenance.”


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Gary McBournie


Several years ago my daughter Ashley and I took a girls’ trip to Nantucket and stumbled upon the Boat Basin’s wharf cottages. Once owned by fishermen who steamed lobsters there, these tiny gems intrigued me. Gary McBournie had the good fortune combining two and has enabled us to take a peek inside!
4. McBournie LR

The ideal cottage living room! Gary said “The weather-worn plank ceiling and spatter-painted floor recall the rich maritime history of the island.”



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5. McBournie Banquettes

Like living on a boat, space is at a premium and banquettes with storage are a must!

Gary’s TIP: The dual sofas that convert to ship bunks provide additional sleeping.


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6. McBournie Nantucket pixShell art is a local maritime tradition begun during the Moby Dick years!

7. McBournie Deck

Drinks at sunset facing the harbor and that beautiful picnic boat!

Gary’s Tip: Create a connection between the interior and surrounding environment. The clients’ Hinckley picnic boat, docked by the cottage, provided much nautical inspiration.


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Suzanne Rheinstein8. Suzanne Rheinstein

This stunning Sun Valley  mountain home is used year round by Suzanne Rheinstein’s clients. Warm and cozy in the winter, woolen fabrics prevail. Come summer, Suzanne uses a lighter touch and fills the faux bois containers on the fireplace with flowers that grow in the meadow.

Suzanne’s TIP: I love soft wools for the winter, but slipcovers in cottons and linens, perhaps a change of decorative pillows, and putting away the warm throws for soft cotton quilts prepares you for the new season.


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