What Inspires Kelly Wearstler, Barbara Barry and Jeffrey Alan Marks can inspire you too!

Think Big Sur with its jagged coastline, crashing waves onto soft sand, ancient redwood trees and beautiful light as part of your daily lifestyle. Blending together are the natural elements of stone, wood and sea colors in nature to inspire our outstanding California designers. Look outside your back door and you too can find a wealth of inspiration!

Color Usage

Raw Coast Color Palette

California colors reflect those found around their coastlines: sandy beiges, marine blues, shell greys and warm corals.

Get These Colors in Your Home:

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Kelly WearstlerKelly Wearstler Terra Firma collection portico shot

“California is a major point of inspiration to me. There is so much organic beauty, from the rugged, layered coastline and lush botanical gardens to the vast and scenic desert scapes. With this collection I wanted to evoke the unaffected luxury and natural beauty of the diverse terrain in a versatile play of patterns, colors and textures. The rhythmic patterns of an ocean wave, the labyrinth of a botanical garden, the subdued tonal hues of the shoreline. The idea was to capture an easy, yet elegant, raw and refined vibe.” – Kelly Wearstler


Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma inspiration desert plant Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma inspiration Palm trees Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma inspiration coral
Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma Zuma Rust Fabric Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma Porto Lake Fabric Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma Vertex Linen Fabric
Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma solstice linen Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma dune Ocean fabric Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma miramar pyrite fabric

Jeffrey Alan Marks

Jeffrey Alan Marks collection for Kravet

Once an avid water polo player, Los Angeles based interior designer Jeffrey Alan Marks’ Kravet and Portfolio fabric collections express his passion for the ever changing California coastline.


Jeffrey Alan Marks Portfolio Westridge Oyster Fabric Jeffrey Alan Marks Portfolio Spiro Gyro Mineral Fabric Jeffrey Alan Marks Kravet Templin Ocean Fabric
Jeffrey Alan Marks Portfolio Stream Up Mist fabric Jeffrey Alan Marks Kravet Gaffey Snow Fabric JeffreyAlan Marks Kravet Waterpolo Stone fabric

Barbara Barry


“I am a Californian designer and am inspired by the clear and constant light that illuminates the subtlety and nuance of texture and color. Like the multitude of shades in the grains of sand on a beach, I like to mimic nature by using many tones of one hue throughout a room.”  Barbara Barry

Barbara Barry Kravet Chalet Collection Watercolor

“Every year I head to Austria to take in the beauty of the mountains. The green Alps and blue skies are a spectacular backdrop for a simple but refined lifestyle. An all day hike is rewarded by the return to soft pine floors, fine linens and a glass of crisp Austrian Riesling. This magical lifestyle and beautiful surroundings inspired this new collection, Chalet.” – Barbara Barry


Kravet Rustic epingle prussian fabric Kravet Chalet Border blue frost trim Kravet Snowhaven Icecap fabric Kravet Lech Banding Alps Trim
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