Iconic Wallpapers: 4 Fresh Ways to Use the Most Popular Patterns on the Market

There are patterns that are trendy, and then there are patterns that are so well-loved that they withstand the test of time. Check out these four wallpapers that have reached iconic status due to their popularity throughout the years, plus fresh ideas on how to use them in your home.

Hicks Hexagon

Designed by David Hicks, one of the most famous decorators of the ‘60s, Hicks Hexagon has been a staple in contemporary homes for years. For an out of the (ice)box look, try using it on your fridge! See a full step-by-step process from Aunt Peaches, who covered her refrigerator with the pattern.

Hicks Hexagon Wallpaper Interior Decor Fridge Bathroom Get a Similar Look:

Cole & Son Wallpaper HICKS HEXAGON BLACK/G 66_8056_CSCole & Son Wallpaper Cole & Son Wallpaper HICKS HEXAGON TEAL/GOLD 95_3018_CSCole & Son Wallpaper Cole & Son Wallpaper HICKS HEXAGON BLUE/GR 66_8054_CSCole & Son Wallpaper Cole & Son Wallpaper HICKS HEXAGON SAGE/GR 66_8055_CSCole & Son Wallpaper


One of the most recognized wallpapers of all time, Scalamandre’s Zebras pattern was commissioned in 1945 by Gino Circiello, owner of the popular former New York restaurant, GINO’S (now a Sprinkles Cupcake Shop just across the street from our office that still features the paper). Zebras was also used in the visually stunning Wes Anderson film The Royal Tenenbaums. Not for the faint of heart, Zebras can be used all over a room or as a pop of color on the backs of cabinet shelves. Try it in the new grass cloth version for a more casual look.

Scalamandre Zebras Wallpaper Interior Decor Ideas Get a Similar Look:

Scalamandre Wallpaper Zebras - Masai Red WP81388M-001Scalamandre Wallpaper Scalamandre Wallpaper Zebras - Black WP81388M-005Scalamandre Wallpaper Scalamandre Wallpaper Zebras - Yellow WP81388M-006Scalamandre Wallpaper Scalamandre Grasscloth Wallpaper Zebras - Zebras On Red G81388M-002Scalamandre Grasscloth Wallpaper


Designed in 1959 by Michael Clarke, Cole & Son’s Woods wallpaper has lately seen a resurgence with top design bloggers and interior designers. The pattern, which showcases bold sketches of tree trunks & branches, most likely has come back into style because of the nature-inspired decor trend and also due to the fact that it still feels contemporary today. This large repeat print works best as an accent wall, but we think it looks darling on a dresser, too! See how to wallpaper a dresser here.

Cole and Son Woods Wallpaper Interior Decor Get a Similar Look:

Cole & Son Wallpaper  Woods Onyx/White 69_12147_CSCole & Son Wallpaper Cole & Son Woods Ivory/Lilac Wallpaper 69_12151_CSCole & Son Wallpaper Cole & Son Woods Chocolate/Silver Wallpaper 69_12150_CSCole & Son Wallpaper Cole & Son Wallpaper Woods Beige/Cream Wallpaper 69_12148_CSCole & Son Wallpaper

Imperial Trellis

Designed by the highly sought-after and talented Kelly Wearstler, Schumacher’s Imperial Trellis is a prime example of a timeless wallpaper that works with everything. You can do it in a true green like Chloe Sevigny did in her apartment, or use it as a border, especially in places like the kitchen, where there are often small spaces of wall that need a little pizzazz.


ImperialTrellisWallpaperInteriorDecorGet a Similar Look:

Schumacher Wallpaper Imperial Trellis - Charcoal 5003361Schumacher Wallpaper Schumacher Wallpaper Imperial Trellis - Citrine 2707213Schumacher Wallpaper Schumacher Wallpaper Imperial Trellis II - Ivory / Mandarin 5005800Schumacher Wallpaper Schumacher Wallpaper Imperial Trellis II - Ivory / Navy 5005801Schumacher Wallpaper

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