Trail of Trellis

You Can Never Have Too Much Trellis!

Ever since designer Kelly Wearstler released her Imperial Trellis collection with Schumacher, the world can’t get enough of the iconic design. As the major manufacturers continue to get on board with the trellis craze, the DecoratorsBest selection of trellis fabric, wallpaper, pillows and trim is better than ever. Inspired by the latticework of legendary French vineyards, the trellis has been brought indoors to create a vibrant atmosphere and spark our decorative imaginations.

While Kelly Wearstler’s Imperial Trellis I and II collections received international acclaim, Schumacher has an eclectic range of trellis designs ranging from conventional and pretty to edgy and contemporary. Today, over 100 fabric and wallpaper selections are available under the astute Schumacher brand. Even Trina Turk Outdoor, featured in last week’s newsletter, introduces the stunning “Trellis Print” available in 6 bold colorways.

Want the look?

Left to right:
Wallpaper: 2707213 | Fabric: 2643762 |Wallpaper: 2707212 |Fabric: 2643763


Phillip Jeffrie’s Geo-Trellis

Phillip Jeffries, the natural wallcovering manufacturer, put trellis on the wall in a whole new way. A unique take on a classic design, the “Moroccan – White” (PJ 5147) is a hand-screened trellis wallcovering. Inspired by the architecture and colors of the North Africa, this beautifully textured trellis makes a dazzling statement for your home.

Check out our March 14th Wallpaper Wednesday for Phillip Jeffries’ glittering “Trellis Embroidery – Gold on Ivory Manila Hemp” (PJ 5911).

Want the look?

Left to right:
PJ 5147 | PJ 5145 | PJ 5142 | PJ 5144

Fabricut’s Modern Take on Trellis

Fabricut is as chic as they are innovative. Featured in their admired Zen Modern Collection, the “Maybelle Trellis – Spice” is a fresh interpretation of the classic trellis design. A soft and luxurious silk-cotton blend, Maybelle’s interlocked trellis design has a sleek shine when under the light. A multipurpose fabric available in 6 distinct colors, this trellis makes for exceptional bedding.

Fabricut’s Sunsations Traditional Collection is home to their “Trellis – Flamingo,” a bright, comfortable outdoor fabric.

Left to right:
Maybelle Trellis – Mocha | Maybelle Trellis – Ivory | Maybelle Trellis – Caper | Maybelle Trellis – Aqua | Maybelle Trellis – Amber


Introducing Clarence House!

Clarence House is the latest manufacturer to team up with DecoratorsBest to offer our valued clients their entire line of top-quality fabric and wallpaper. Backed by their art director Kazumi Yoshida and his impeccable eye for design, Clarence House is a leading style-setter for the interior design community.

In a collaboration with famed designer Neisha Crosland, Clarence House released the “Lantern – Turquoise” trellis wallpaper. Like an interwoven, gilded gate in front of a light blue sky, this trellis wallpaper is a terrific choice for your home.

Want to take it home?

Left to right:
Lantern – Rose | Lantern – Pigeon Blue | Lantern – Desert | Lantern – Buff



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